Brave New World of New gTLDs to Provide Registry and Business Opportunities

With the domain name landscape to change in the next 12 months with ICANN’s probable introduction of new generic Top Level Domains there are a number of companies eyeing how to benefit in the new era.Companies who have proposed new gTLDs are looking through the fog for an idea of when the regularly postponed deadlines will be reached and when they can submit applications. To be fair, it’s a complicated process made even more difficult by trademark holders constantly sticking their oar in and demanding to have more than their deserved share of influence.And in the new environment the provision of services for the new gTLDs is also looming as a competitive battleground. One such area is the provision of registry services with companies such as and AusRegistry, the Austrian and Australian ccTLD registries respectively, bidding to get a share of the market in providing backend registry services.AusRegistry is spreading its wings providing registry services for a number of ccTLDs including ‘.EMARAT’, a transliteration of امارات for the United Arab Emirates and .ZA (South Africa), while is providing registry services for several ENUM and TLD operators including .NO (Norway), .IE (Ireland) and .NL (Netherlands) is getting in early to meet the demand for these new services and has developed a comprehensive set of services with three different levels of service for gTLDs in what they are calling Registry in a Box. This includes a “Basic”, “Advanced” and “Complete” service.The features of the different levels of service include:

  • Basic: is aimed at gTLD operators who have experience in providing many of the services themselves but wish someone to provide the back-end registry services while the gTLD operator provides supplemental services using their own infrastructure for administrative and day-to-day operations
  • Advanced: outsources administrative and financial day-to-day tasks of the gTLD operation to including registrar helpdesk, payment, invoicing and financial processes as well as websites for registrars and the general public
  • Complete: for TLD operators who wish to outsource almost all aspects of operation of the gTLD and only perform minimal tasks themselves with options for managing interactions with ICANN, registrar training, creating marketing material and managing distribution channels.

Richard Wein, CEO of, believes due to the company’s expertise that they can offer new gTLD operators high quality backend registry services at a reasonable cost.”Over the last 12 years has provided a stable registry without any security concerns and well over 99 per cent up time.”We believe our experience will be of great benefit for new registry operators and allow them to provide a secure, reliable service.”And personally I’m excited about the new opportunities that will be available and that will be able to take part in these new challenges.”Using over twelve years of experience operating the .AT ccTLD, has used much of the same technology to put together the packages that are modified to surpass ICANN’s functional, operational and service level requirements for new gTLDs as outlined the fourth version of the Draft Applicant’s Registry in a Box provides for different levels of services for up to 500,000 domains per gTLD catered for although larger gTLDs are possible, but require a different architecture and a different package to Registry in a Box.Additional services provided by include supplemental consulting, training and operations services.For more information on Registry in a Box, contact Richard Wein by email at