Brandsight Relaunched As GoDaddy Corporate Domains

GoDaddy launched GoDaddy Corporate Domains Tuesday, a rebranded rethought Brandsight, the corporate domain management company GoDaddy bought in February 2020.

GoDaddy Corporate Domains is aimed as a solution for large companies. Typically, companies register domain names in support of product launches, marketing campaigns, international expansion and to protect their intellectual property. It’s not uncommon for large organisations to have thousands, or even tens of thousands of domain names. As a result, these large portfolios often contain domains that are not resolving, are misconfigured, or are no longer needed. Additionally, domains are often registered across multiple registrars, making it even more difficult to gain visibility into how domain names are being used.

“Corporate domain portfolios can’t use traditional domain management tools. They need a solution that provides access to unique data to enable informed decisions, like identifying which domains are essential and which can be allowed to lapse. That’s why we created GoDaddy Corporate Domains,” said Roger Chen, GoDaddy President, Domain Registrars and Investors. “The superior technology we offer provides valuable insights quickly, which is complemented by world-class support. Combining Brandsight’s platform with GoDaddy’s immense reach and resources, we’ve set a new benchmark for enterprise-grade corporate domain solutions.”

In a post on the former Brandsight, now GoDaddy Corporate Domains, blog, Phil Lodico writes “this new name aligns us with GoDaddy’s overall branding strategy, and signals to the market GoDaddy’s commitment to serving corporate domain name management professionals. The Brandsight name will continue to live on as the name of our industry-leading platform. To be clear, our support, applications, databases and accreditations will continue to remain separate from GoDaddy’s, and our commitment to providing world-class service remains unchanged.”

“In addition to the name change, we are also excited to formally announce the launch of the GoDaddy Verified IP (VIP) Program,” Lodico continues. “The GoDaddy VIP program provides pre-vetted, well-known and famous brands an escalation path for addressing abuse or fraudulent domains registered with GoDaddy, and infringing sites hosted with GoDaddy. Participation in the program is ‘by invitation only’, but brand owners may request an invitation. In their request, brand owners should provide proof of their status as a well-known or famous trademark, which can be accomplished by providing details such as volume of sales, advertising spend and duration of the mark.”

Providing services to some of the world’s most well-known brands, GoDaddy Corporate Domains is focused on enabling companies to contain costs, optimise portfolios and mitigate risks by providing unprecedented access to domain name and website data. GoDaddy Corporate Domains clients also benefit from streamlined workflows, powerful reporting, and advanced security solutions.

GoDaddy Corporate Domains provides a full suite of services including domain name strategy development and portfolio rightsising. If a business needs help, they can contact their dedicated client success manager to provide guidance or assist with day-to-day management of the portfolio.

“While our clients look different from traditional GoDaddy customers, the same philosophy applies,” said Elisa Cooper, Head of Marketing & Product at GoDaddy Corporate Domains. “We provide them with intuitive products that incorporate the latest technology and combine it with high-touch, personalised care to help them achieve their goals.”

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