.BR Registry Fee Increasing By One Third On 1 January logoThe registry fee, the fee charged to registrars, for .br (Brazil) domain names will increase to R$40 ($12.30) from the current R$30, an increase of one third, on 1 January the registry announced.

The increase is the first since 2003 Demi Getschko, President and CEO of said.

“After 13 years of real value maintained without change, it’s time to fix it, even partially. The Brazilian record has always been committed to maintaining the functioning of. br within the best international standards and, we can say, we have the assurance that we will keep the unassailable quality.”

Up until 31 December, registrants will be able to renew or register new .br domain names at the current fees, unless there are changes in fees at the registrar level. in announcing the fee increase said that revenue from domain registration activity under br and distribution of IP numbers not only supports the functioning of these services internationally, is invested in activities and projects that bring benefits to the internet in Brazil, such as internet traffic exchange points; monitoring of security incidents in Brazil; study and research of network technologies and operations; production of indicators on information and communication technologies (ICT); Web development in Brazil.