.BR Adding 12 Second Level Domains On 20 July Taking Total To Over 130

The Brazilian ccTLD registry manager, NIC.br, has announced they will be adding 12 new second level domains on 20 July with domain names registered in these 2LDs to be priced at R$40 per year, around US$7.60.

The 12 second level .br domain names to be added are:


  • app.br – apps
  • dev.br – developers and development platforms
  • log.br – transport and logistics
  • seg.br – security
  • tec.br – technology


  • bib.br – librarians and librarians
  • des.br – designers and designers
  • det.br – detectives and private investigators
  • enf.br – nursing professionals
  • coz.br – gastronomy professionals
  • geo.br – geologists
  • rep.br – trade representatives

With the addition of the new 2LDs it will take the total number to over 130.

“Whenever possible, we count on the collaboration of society to routinely enrich existing categories, from suggestions we receive from professionals and institutions interested in better defining their area of expertise by choosing the best domain name for their project and website. These new domains, which we will launch on the 20th, came from these contributions,” says Demi Getschko, CEO of NIC.br.

“The domain name is the identification of the user on the network, which is essential to mark the presence of an activity. When launching new 2LDs, there will be even more options within the pre-existing categories to choose a more appropriate name for each initiative, whether for a service or product, or for the content you want to publish on the Internet”, he adds.

The above information was sourced from the original news release here (in Portuguese only) and translated using Bing Translator.

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