domain name dispute

New Bodog logo Online gamblers have been in a bit of a pickle this week with trouble at Bodog due to a dispute over the ownership of the domain name, causing the website to be temporarily out of action. It’s back up and running now at a new address.

The problem has stemmed from “a $48.6-million default judgment obtained by a Las Vegas company against Bodog in a patent infringement case” according to the Vancouver Sun. The Vancouver Sun goes on to say “according to Nevada court documents, 1st Technology LLC of Las Vegas obtained a $48.6-million default judgement on June 14 against Bodog Entertainment Group S.A., and”

Further, it’s not clear why Bodog officials didn’t respond to the allegations, but it could be related to the US Department of Justice’s war on internet gambling. There have been a number of high profile arrests of online gambling executives, especially those from the UK. So it’s wise for these executives to steer clear of the US.

There is more information on the case in the Vancouver Sun here and at the New Bodog website here.