.BLOG Commits To Never Increasing Prices for Domains Once Registered

dotblog-logoThe operator of the .blog new gTLD, Knock Knock Whois There, has announced that once a .blog domain name is registered, the price will never increase. One assumes this only applies to the registry fee, that is the fee KKWT charges registrars.

The announcement comes as one of 3 amendments to their Registry-Registrar Agreement that will come into effect on 15 July and is intended to “underscore our stance on price stability in the new gTLD marketplace. Any .blog domain that is registered will not see a pricing increase for renewals on subsequent years.”

“Pricing stability improves a registrar’s ability to promote new gTLDs to website owners, both new and experienced alike,” the registry says in its announcement. “By building a sense of security and predictability amongst end-users, we contribute to the perception of new gTLDs as reliable and accessible options.”

“We also believe this allows .blog registrars to focus on sales, without the worry of future price changes that would cause complexities to their business.”

There were 2 other changes announced, these being minor modifications:

  • The addition of section 3.14 regarding Rights Protection Mechanisms and Uniform Rapid Suspension compliance, as required by ICANN.
  • Clarification to section 7.1(ii) to further limit the scope of liability for our registrars.