.BLOG Launches General Availability But Disquiet Over “Reserved” Domains

General Availability for .blog domain names commenced on 21 November, with anyone, anywhere able to register them. But the registry upset a few people withdrawing some domain names that were accepted for pre-registration, and then belatedly added to the registry’s reserved list.One registrant that thought he had a .blog domain was Chris Schidle who applied for chris.blog. Schidle’s application was accepted, money taken, and then the registry reneged. In what appears to be a poorly organised Landrush, the registry, A Knock Knock Whois There Production, has withdrawn some domain names and put them on their “reserved” list.The reserved list for the new generic Top Level Domain included all one-, two- and three-character domains, but the registry says they “will probably release them in the future.” Employees of the parent company, Automattic, were also able to “reserve a single domain each, some of which were first names.” So no doubt there’s a “Chris” that works for Automattic.