Blackmail claim stirs fears over Facebook

By the standards of today’s reveal-all culture, the photographs were not particularly shocking. They were more Benny Hill than pornographic.One showed a fully dressed young woman beaming up to the camera as her boyfriend playfully bit her breast. Another showed her smiling with her jeans-clad legs splayed, and in a third she was holding small pumpkins at her chest.But the images were enough to land Amy Polumbo in a great deal of trouble, including an alleged blackmail attempt and the possible loss of her public role. For Ms Polumbo is the current Miss New Jersey, an honour for which not only good looks but also perfect manners and a squeaky-clean reputation are requisite.

But the case has left behind some big questions about how teenagers are storing up problems for themselves in later life by exposing themselves – emotionally and in many cases physically – on the internet.,,2127273,00.html

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