BitTorrent Looks to Spruce Up Its Image With Hollywood

But it’s not a message that plays well in Hollywood, which has viewed the Internet as in dire need of rules since, well, forever. BitTorrent in particular has been a thorn in many copyright owners’ sides, as a company whose file-sharing software and technology serves as the foundation for a global piracy juggernaut.BitTorrent has long insisted its software doesn’t facilitate illegal copying any more than Web browsers do. Now, in its latest attempt to reach detente with content companies, BitTorrent is trying to convince them that its peer-to-peer file-swapping infrastructure is actually an ideal way to distribute promotional material in “bundles,” a means to lure consumers into buying the full content on iTunes or some other service. Later this spring, the company promises, the BitTorrent Bundles will let publishers charge for content — theoretically, rehabbing would-be pirates into paying customers.

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