Bing Now a Serious Challenger to Google; Launches UK Version

Given undistinguished history of Microsoft’s late and unlamented Live Search engine, the predecessor to Bing, it’s easy to dismiss Redmond as a hapless also-ran in the search market. But given the vast sums of money and resources that Microsoft is investing in its fledging Google challenger, this could change in a hurry.Launched in May, Bing initially received a tepid response; some critics essentially called it Live Search with a new coat of paint. But Microsoft is nothing if tenacious. (Old-timers will recall how badly the early versions of Windows stank before Redmond finally found success with version 3.0.) The company has been steadily upgrading Bing since May, including some pretty useful innovations announced Wednesday.One new and noteworthy upgrade is the inclusion of search results from Wolfram Alpha, an oddball, “computational knowledge” search tool that’s probably too geeky for the average user. see:Microsoft brings Google search fight to UK
Microsoft will on Friday go head to head with Google in the UK, when it launches a fully localised version of its Bing search engine, taking the UK site out of the Beta testing stage it has been in since launch in June.With the launch, the UK will become the third country after the United States and Canada to receive a tailor-made version of Bing.

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