Bing Moving to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default

At Microsoft, we’re committed to helping users keep their data safe and secure.That’s why we support the industry’s move to use of TLS protocols as part of our effort to expand encryption across our networks and services. Bing has already been offering users the option to encrypt search traffic for about a year and a half now. Beginning this summer, we will begin the process of encrypting search traffic by default. This means that traffic originating from Bing will increasingly come from as opposed to the move to encrypted search by default we will continue to pass along a referrer string so that marketers and webmasters will be able to identify traffic as coming from Bing. However, to further protect our users’ privacy, we will not include the used query terms. We will still provide some limited query term data available without compromising the security of customer data through our various webmaster and advertiser tools, which include: see:Microsoft to encrypt Bing searches by default
Microsoft is changing the security encryption on its Bing search engine from an option to a requirement.In a blog posted Monday, the software giant announced that starting this summer, all web traffic coming from Bing will be encrypted by default. Such encryption has been available as an option since early 2014, but only if you specifically typed the secure URL as your destination. The new default setting means that you’ll automatically surf the site as instead of

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