Bin Ladin domain name up for grabs

UPDATED 13/9: I finally found the domain name on eBay. To check out its status, click here.An interesting domain name up for grabs. is for sale, with a starting price of US$150,000 according to The Age. The domain name was owned by the bin Ladin family and expired on 11 September 2001.The owner, Chris Curry, is selling the domain name along with “emails that were sent to the domain including ‘Osama fan mail’ as well as similar domain names also currently owned by Mr Curry.”To show he has something of a heart, Mr Curry claims he’s donating a large part of the proceeds to charity, although what this large part of the proceeds are, it’s not said.An interesting point noted in the article, is the expiration date is the date of… how could anyone not know!According to The Age, bidding ends on 18 September, but alas, my quick search on eBay couldn’t find it. And looking at the website there’s no indication the domain name is for sale.It seems a bit dubious to me, but it’s not 1 April, so maybe it is legit. And I guess Osama bin Ladin, at least, won’t be challenging your right to the domain name.The full article in The Age is available at

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