Bill Gates hails age of digital senses with touch becoming an important interface for PCs

The way people interact with computers is going to dramatically change in the next five years, Microsoft chief Bill Gates has told BBC News.He predicted that the keyboard and mouse would gradually give way to more intuitive and natural technologies.In particular, he said, touch, vision and speech interfaces would become increasingly important. Curtain call for crystal ball
Bill Gates may be stepping away from full-time work later this year, but he still has a few things he wants to show off.In his annual Consumer Electronics Show address, the Microsoft chairman demonstrated a slew of fashionable PCs, touted the role of computing interfaces like speech and touch, as well as announced a partnership with NBC to jointly run the site for the Olympics.”This is my last (CES) keynote,” Gates told the audience, noting that this is the first time since he was 17 that he doesn’t have a full-time job at Microsoft. “What do you do on your last day?,” he asked. Annual Gates Speech at CES
For years Microsoft has been talking about all the advantages consumers can get from being connected–linking your computers, cellphones, TVs and digital cameras. This year the company is trying to make that connection more personal, driving technology to be smarter about who you are, what you want and where you’re trying to go.Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates gave his 11th and final keynote address here at the Venetian hotel in a packed, 3,500-seat ballroom, marking the end of what has become a staple of the of the Consumer Electronics Show. He is stepping down from his full-time responsibilities at the company to run his philanthropic foundation. Since his first speech in 1994, Gates has used the event as a launching pad for some of the company’s most popular technologies, such as the Windows operating system and the Xbox 360 game console.

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