Bill Clinton (Almost) Confirmed To Speak At ICANN San Francisco

ICANN has confirmed they are in negotiation with Bill Clinton, former president of the United States, to speak at what is now being called their Silicon Valley-San Francisco meeting in March.The announcement came about following a number of reports Clinton would be speaking. To set the record straight, ICANN have announced that while Clinton has been invited and accepted, a contract has not been signed, hence a formal announcement cannot be made.In a posting on the ICANN Blog, Scott Pinzon notes that they “are also aware that ICANN meetings are highly structured, work-intensive events, and we want to be sure that an appearance by President Clinton enhances the meeting’s outcomes rather than distracts from them.”There were also unsubstantiated comments that Clinton would be paid half a million dollars. However ICANN says this fee is “way out of line” and that his speaking fees are a matter of public record. Additionally, it is anticipated the speaking fee would “be covered by a targeted sponsorship donated specifically for this purpose. In other words, ICANN’s budget is not financing this speaking engagement.”