Big Tech Is Armed and Waiting to Repel U.S. Antitrust Onslaught

Investors were caught off guard by the sudden U.S. assault on technology giants this week, but behind the scenes, the industry’s biggest companies have been preparing for this moment of reckoning for months.

They’ve hired lawyers and built up their lobbying shops in response to antitrust investigations that have been well under way in the European Union, and which are just now getting started in Washington.

People close to the companies say they’ve long anticipated U.S. probes. And while these tech giants will need to bolster their defenses for added scrutiny closer to home, Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. all have been working publicly and behind the scenes for months to make their cases for why they help competition, rather than harm it, and already have formidable teams in place.

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