Biden’s “WillYouShutUpMan” Will Cost You $175,000 In A .COM Size

Joe Biden’s comment to the Tangerine Toddler (yes, that’s Donald Trump) in this week’s presidential “debate” of “will you shut up man” is up for sale, including the domain name along with a range of merchandise seeking to capitalise on the comment.

According to Newsweek, is for sale with an asking price of $175,000 or $14,583 a month. Although the domain name currently redirects to a range of merchandise that has nothing to do with the Biden-Harris campaign, and unlike official merchandise, none of the money goes to the campaign.

As Newsweek reports, “Biden’s retort came as he became agitated by President Donald Trump’s interruptions. While discussing the Supreme Court, Biden was struggling to be heard over Trump’s interruptions. Biden snapped and told Trump ‘will you shut up, man?’, before calling his Republican rival a clown.”

The domain name is currently listed on, although it’s currently listed as “make an offer”. And there’s also the slightly less appealing domain Alternatively, there’s also available for €450, for $3,333 per month or $9,999 now along with a myriad of other “biden” domains, mostly in new gTLDs.

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