Best Approach for Appraising Domain Names by Alex Tajirian

Alex Tajirian, writing in Circle ID, says:
There are two types of domain name appraisers, designated here as type “1” and type “0,” with the former being appraisers who rely on a scientific approach. A large number of domain owners use the services of type “0”—the nonscientific—or do the appraisal themselves. Approaches used by scientific appraisers include regression-type statistical modeling, discounted cash-flow analysis, and reliance on the Law of Large Numbers.

In this post, Alex looks at some of the typical erroneous arguments against taking a statistical approach and provides an example from law to shed light on some success stories with statistical models that have changed people’s minds. For a concrete example, we use a study on predicting Supreme Court decision-making.

Issues addressed are Appraisal vs. Valuation, Supreme Court Decision Making Study, Common Criticisms of Statistical Models and Is Domain Appraisal Worth It?

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