Belgian privacy watchdog threatens Facebook over user tracking

The Belgian privacy commission has told Facebook to stop tracking the internet activities of people who have not registered with the site or have logged out, after a “staggering” report showed alleged breaches of EU privacy law.”Facebook tramples on European and Belgian privacy laws”, the data protection authority said in a statement. “Facebook has shown itself particularly miserly in giving precise answers,” it continued, adding that the results of its investigation were “disconcerting” and that it would take legal action if its recommendations were not followed. see:Facebook tramples on European privacy laws – Belgian watchdog
Facebook tramples on European privacy laws by tracking people online without their consent and dodges questions from national regulators, Belgium’s privacy watchdog said on Friday.Belgium’s Privacy Protection Commission (CPVP/CBPL), which is working with German, Dutch, French and Spanish counterparts, launched the blistering attack after trying to find out more about the U.S. tech giant’s practices. ‘tramples on European law’, says privacy body
Facebook “tramples” on European privacy law by tracking people without consent, Belgium’s privacy watchdog has said.The country’s Privacy Protection Commission accused Facebook of dodging questions from European regulators.Internet users were also urged to install privacy software to stop Facebook tracking them, regardless of whether they had accounts with it.

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