Belarus said to restrict access to foreign websites

[IDG] Belarus has introduced a law that imposes restrictions on citizens and residents in the country visiting or using foreign websites, according to Global Legal Monitor, an online publication of the Law Library of Congress in Washington.Under the new law, which goes into effect Jan. 6, transactions from Belarus on the website of a foreign Internet company such as would be illegal, and the Internet company may be sued for violating national law, wrote Peter Roudik, the author of the article. see:Belarus puts restrictions on foreign internet sites
A new law in Belarus will restrict access to foreign websites and force internet clubs and cafes to report users visiting sites registered abroad.The law, which takes effect on Friday, says anyone selling goods or services to Belarus citizens on the web must use the .by Belarusian domain name.That would make it illegal for firms like Amazon or eBay to sell goods to customers in Belarus. passes law to enforce tighter internet controls [AP]
The government in Belarus has approved a law tightening official control over the internet.The legal amendments enacted on Friday bar Belarussian businesses from using outside internet resources. They also formalise restrictions introduced by the authoritarian president, Alexander Lukashenko. These required internet service providers to monitor users and report them to authorities if they visit opposition websites blacklisted by the government.

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