Beijing silent over Google offer

Chinese regulators remained silent on Wednesday over whether they would allow Google to keep its website in China following the US company’s latest compromise offer.Wang Chen, head of the Information Office of the State Council, told reporters: “We’ve long said that to develop in China, you must abide by Chinese laws.” see:Google partially blocked in China [AFP]
Google’s web search engine in China was “partially blocked” on Wednesday, the deadline for Chinese authorities to renew its business licence.”It appears that search queries produced by Google Suggest are being blocked for mainland users in China,” a Google spokesman told AFP. “Normal searches that do not use query suggestions are unaffected.”’s China Troubles Continue; Congress Examines U.S. Investment in Chinese Censorship by Rebecca MacKinnon
In his latest blog post, Google’s Chief Legal Officer David Drummond reports that Chinese authorities aren’t happy with the automatic redirection of to Hong Kong. They are threatening not to renew Google’s Internet Content Provider license, which is required to legally operate any kind of Internet business in China. In an attempt to thread the legal needle, Drummond says will now lead to a landing page which — if you click anywhere on that page — takes the user to the uncensored This is Google’s convoluted way of adjusting so that it remains technically in compliance with Chinese law while still sending Chinese users to an uncensored site. Now they just have to click through an extra page to get to the results.It’s unclear whether this will be acceptable to the Chinese authorities. It really depends on how secure or insecure they’re feeling these days. In the meantime, the new landing page is a signal to Chinese users that they may want to remember just in case ceases to work, or update their browser bookmark. says has no comment on Google rerouting move
China’s foreign ministry said on Thursday it had no comment on Google’s decision to end automatic rerouting of users to its uncensored Hong Kong search portal, but that all Internet operators had to abide by local laws.Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang referred questions about Google to “relevant agencies,” adding only that “Internet operators in China should abide by Chinese laws and regulations.” – Without search service, what would Google do in China?
Google Inc, which runs the world’s largest search engine, is in a pickle as it could lose its licence to operate a China-based search page, while trying to hold onto its anti-censorship stance.In a bid to appease Beijing and keep its China license, Google said this week it will stop automatically redirecting China users to its uncensored Hong Kong site. government set to reject Google compromise
Google will be shut out of China within days if the Chinese government rejects the search engine company’s last-minute offer of a compromise on the filtering on search results.The website will go dark for users in China if the government refuses to continue the company’s internet content provider licence, which was due for renewal last month.

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