.BE First European ccTLD Registry To Go To The Clouds

DNS Belgium logoAfter several months of preparation, DNS Belgium announced in February they moved their registration platform, on which their registrars register new .be domain names, to the cloud. It was, they said, a big step forward when it comes to security and efficiency. And the first of its kind in the European domain name world.

Saturday 11 February, the move commenced for the Belgian country code top level domain (ccTLD) and in the end the migration went smoother than expected. Earlier at the beginning of February the registrars’ test system, which is a system that provides all facets of our registration system as part of a test set-up, was also moved.

Before opting for cloud services provided by AWS, DNS Belgium conducted a thorough analysis of the availability, services and security. Since AWS (Amazon Web Services) takes care of the hardware, connectivity etc., DNS Belgium can focus on the software, enabling them to automise routine technical operations and describe all aspects of their platform in code.

In the domain name world, .be is the first European registry to have its registration system in the cloud.