Battle for Takes a New Turn

The saga of the domain name has taken another turn. The saga was expertly described by Kieren McCarthy in his book called In the publicity for the book McCarthy asks “how far would you go to get the internet’s most valuable property?”

Well, the answer it seems is that one will go too far as the domain name is being sold in a foreclosure sale. Any new bidder though will need to have a certified cheque for at least $1 million to even take part.

The last time it was sold, it cost the current owner $14 million and now there are around 120,000 people visiting the site each month.

The domain name is being sold by Maltz Auctions on Thursday, March 18th at 11:00 am New York Time. More information is available at

The saga has been a battle between two men – Gary Kremen and Stephen Cohen who have gone to extraordinary lengths to gain ownership of the domain name.

In his book, McCarthy outlines “the full story behind the battle for from its registration way back in May 1994, to its theft a year later by lifelong con-man Stephen Cohen,” according to the book’s website.

“The fight soon hit newspapers and TV screens across the world and sucked in the most powerful company on the Internet, as well as the Supreme Court. Ultimately, it determined the future of how the law sees the buildings blocks of the Internet – domain names – forever. But much more than that, it revealed what men are capable of when all their worldly desires are contained within one possession.”

For more information on Kieren McCarthy’s book on the saga, see: