Barcelona shoots for .bcn gTLD by 2010

Barcelona’s city council has announced they will be bidding for the .bcn gTLD following the announcement that ICANN there will be new gTLDs. This week ICANN released a draft guide on how to apply for new gTLDs.Barcelona will be a candidate for a new gTLD alongside proposals for .berlin, .paris and .nyc (New York City).The city anticipates that public services, businesses, tourism and commercial activities with a link to Barcelona will all be interested in registering .bcn names and give a local identity to websites using the .bcn.To assist with the development of the proposal, and in running the registry, the city council is working with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, the Fira, the airport, stock-market and companies like Mango.Media reports in Spanish are available from:

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