Bail Denied for Alleged ‘Spam King’

A man accused of defrauding people through tens of millions of spam e-mail messages sent around the world was denied bail Wednesday. U.S. Magistrate Judge James P. Donohue said one of his concerns was that online crimes such as those charged against Robert Soloway _ dubbed the “Spam King” by federal investigators _ can be committed anywhere at anytime. see:
Spam King Robert Soloway Arrested for Sending Billions of Illegal Messages a Day
On May 30, 2007 Robert Alan Soloway, voted one of the ten biggest spam artists in the world, was arrested in Seattle, a week after being indicted by a grand jury in Washington, and charged with fraud, money laundering, identity theft, and breaking Federal anti-spam legislation. Soloway has been a colossal Internet pest for years, sending giant amounts of spam, filling mailboxes and mail servers to overflowing with unsolicited and unwanted junk email. Criminally, he fraudulently marketed spam services as legitimate ‘opt-in’ services, fooling innocent users and then offering no customer support or refunds. Soloway used hijacked computers and open proxies,and therefore repeatedly violated the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act of 1984 and the CAN-SPAM law of 2003.

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