Baidu and Microsoft tie-up for English search in China

Baidu, the biggest web company in China, will partner with Microsoft to provide English-language search results.English search queries will be directed from Baidu to Microsoft’s Bing search engine, the Chinese company said in a statement late on Monday.Baidu dominates search in China with more than 75% of the market. see:Microsoft strikes deal with China’s biggest search engine Baidu
Microsoft has signed a deal with Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, to provide English-language search results — but they will be censored to meet the Chinese government’s demands.The announcement of the deal is a boost to Microsoft, which has been struggling to boost the position of its Bing search engine against Google’s dominance in almost every country around the world. It will also be a boost for Baidu, which has ambitions internationally.’s Bing will power Baidu’s Chinese search site [IDG]
Microsoft’s Bing search engine will provide English-language search results for Baidu, China’s largest search engine, the companies announced Monday.Further details of the deal, including its financial terms, weren’t disclosed.

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