Bahrain added to web censorship blacklist

Reporters Without Borders has updated its 2012 “Enemies of the Internet” list to include Bahrain and Belarus.The updated list, which was released on Monday to mark what the organisation called “World Day Against Cyber-Censorship”, still includes countries like China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia from the previous year. see:Bahrain and Belarus named ‘enemies of the internet’
Bahrain and Belarus have been added to Reporters Without Borders’ annual list of “enemies of the internet”.They join 10 other nations on the campaign group’s register of states that restrict net access, filter content and imprison bloggers.India and Kazakhstan have also joined RWB’s list of “countries under surveillance” because of concerns that they are becoming more repressive. enemies of the internet
Reporters Without Borders has added Bahrain and Belarus to its list of “Enemies of the Internet”, saying their citizens are beset by online surveillance and control and other repressive measures.India and Kazakhstan have been added to the category of “countries under surveillance” on the updated list, which was released on World Day Against Cyber-Censorship. of the internet: Australia under surveillance for violating online freedoms
Australia has been listed as a potential “enemy of the internet”.Reporters Without Borders has released its annual “Enemies of the Internet” list – and although Australia is not an official list, we are on their radar.Australia was added to a list of countries that were “under surveillance” due to the Federal Government’s unwillingness to officially scrap its national censorship scheme, despite its massive unpopularity.

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