Authorities look for answers after Finnish mass shooting

[ABC/Reuters] A deadly shooting at a Finnish school has raised questions about tougher policing of the internet, and whether the thrill of posting threatening videos encourages other potential killers.The gunman, student Matti Juhani Saari, posted menacing videos of himself on the web before killing 10 people.The 22-year-old also killed himself in the incident, which closely resembles a 2007 massacre at another Finnish school, where that gunman also published messages on internet video sharing site YouTube.Police were alerted to videos posted by Saari and even questioned him on Monday (local time), a day before the attack. deaths spark gun law and internet call
Finland’s prime minister has called for gun laws to be tightened after a school shooting that left 11 people dead.

Questions will also be raised about the police handling of the case and the role of the internet.Saari, 22, was questioned on Monday but police said the videos “did not threaten anyone” directly.Mr Vanhanen said authorities would also look at whether there needed to be changes in internet monitoring.

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