New .AT-Report Explains How Austrian Registry Is Working On A Secure Domain Industry

Security is a big topic, not just for domain names, but for the networks that connect, for companies that collect data and many others. In the domain name world domain hijacking, phishing and DNS spoofing are just some of the many risks the industry is facing and is the focus of the latest .at-report from the Austrian registry report looks at what threats internet users are facing and what precautions registries and registrars can take in order to contribute to a stable and trustworthy World Wide Web.Registries are responding to these kinds of scenarios with a full range of security measures. These include the report notes creating services that are designed to provide an additional layer of security for domains and the domain name service such as Anycast Nameserver networks, DNSSEC and the Registry Lock.Registries must be on top of their game from a security point of view and adopt effective information security management systems (ISMS). The report describes how ISMS successfully acquired ISO 27001 certification this year, putting them in the vanguard of European domain registries.Registrars and their resellers are also involved in the process when it comes to domain security – a priority for the ISM team, and a focus of its support activities. Measures include keynote talks as well as national security drills in which various IT-related emergency scenarios are simulated and made available to registrars.The report also looks at what is happening at SWITCH, the registry for .ch (Switzerland) and .li (Liechtenstein) by interviewing Michael Hausding, a Security Engineer at SWITCH. It also explains registry locks and how they help make domain names more secure, at how Anycast and DNSSEC make life hard for DNS attackers and the importance of the ISO 27001:2013 security certification has received.For more information on the above and to download the report, go to: