Austria court considers Facebook privacy case

A court in Austria will rule in the next few weeks whether it has the jurisdiction to hear a class action lawsuit brought against Facebook.Some 25,000 users – led by Austrian law graduate Max Schrems – accuse Facebook of violating European privacy laws in the way it collects and forwards data. see:Class action privacy lawsuit filed against Facebook in Austria
A class action lawsuit over alleged breaches of EU privacy law, mass surveillance and involvement in the NSA’s Prism snooping programme has been filed against Facebook in Vienna.The lawsuit, which was officially filed in a Vienna court on Thursday, is being spearheaded by 27-year-old Austrian law graduate and privacy campaigner Max Schrems. student’s lawsuit versus Facebook bogged down in procedure
Facebook presented a long list of procedural objections to an Austrian court on Thursday trying to halt a class action lawsuit for 25,000 users that accuses the social media giant of violating their privacy.The first day of hearings began with a four-hour session in which Facebook’s lawyers tried to convince the judge not to admit the suit brought by law student Max Schrems, 27, who is claiming 500 euros (363 pounds) in damages for each user.

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