Australia’s NBN makes households $3800 a year better off: study

The average household would be $3800 a year better off by the end of this decade due to lifestyle changes enabled by the National Broadband Network, including more people working and shopping from home, a new study has found.The study by Deloitte Access Economics will be pushed heavily by the Labor government in the dying days of the election campaign, with the claim that Tony Abbott’s cheaper and technologically inferior broadband alternative will be nowhere near as beneficial. see:Households $3800 better off with NBN: Deloitte [AAP]
The national broadband network could save households thousands of dollars by the end of the decade through better productivity, cheaper communication and reduced travel costs.A Deloitte Access Economics analysis for the government says the average household would get $3800 in benefits a year by 2020 through using the NBN. will be $3,800 richer by 2020 thanks to speedy broadband like NBN: report
Australian households would be about $3,800 a year better off in 2020 with super-fast broadband like Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN), according to new research.Independent forecaster Deloitte Access Economics, which was commissioned by the Government to evaluate the benefits high-speed broadband would bring to families, notes the NBN would help make the nation a “fully digital economy”. sells higher value, lower cost NBN
Deputy prime minister Anthony Albanese has said that it is common sense to assume that people will pay more for houses that have been directly connected to the national broadband network and warned that the Coalition’s fibre to the node policy would eventually prove more expensive to Australian tax payers.Speaking at a press conference following a visit to the Sydney headquarters of tech research body National ICT Australia, Mr Albanese said an article in today’s Australian Financial Review underplayed the impact of fast broadband on house prices, by questioning how much people currently understood about the benefits.

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