Australia’s IGF Event NetThing Happening Virtually This Thursday and Friday

This week Australia’s Internet Governance Forum event, NetThing, is happening virtually with a host of discussions and presentations covering Australia’s critical infrastructure, internet standards, vaccine passports and digital rights, the internet as an essential service, tech and environmental sustainability, misinformation and disinformation, DNS abuse, trusted digital platforms, blockchain, protecting at risk voices, will technology save the planet, adult content online and mass surveillance and democracy. The theme for the 2021 NetThing Forum is “Building Bridges.”

NetThing is on Thursday 4 November and Friday 5 November and will include speakers and presenters from the domain name industry including Chris Disspain, Chairman of DNS Capital and founding auDA CEO, Donuts’ Alan Wood, GoDaddy Corporate Domains’ Tyler Mason, GoDaddy Registry’s Donna Austin, Jothan Frakes who is CEO of Private Label Registrar and auDA’s own Bruce Tonkin. Other speakers and presenters come from across academia, consumer rights groups and legal aid and cybersecurity.

For more information including the programme, speakers and free registration, go to:

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