Australia’s High Court extends ban on sale of Samsung’s tablet

The tables have turned in Australia back towards Apple in its global tablet war with Samsung Electronics, with the country’s highest court extending a ban on the sale of Samsung’s device for at least another week.The decision will be frustrating for the South Korean company, which won an appeal against the ban in a different court Wednesday, and takes away at least another seven days of trading in the lead up to Christmas.To read this report in The Australian in full, see: see:Samsung tablet sales banned again
US technology giant Apple has won another temporary injunction to stop rival Samsung from selling its Galaxy tablet computer in Australia.On Wednesday the Federal Court lifted a previous injunction, meaning Samsung could start selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 at 4pm (AEDT) today. wait not over yet
Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy tablet will not be available in Australia tomorrow despite a court order this week overturning a ban on the device’s sale.A Samsung executive said today it would not be possible to sell the device as soon as the ban was lifted at 4pm tomorrow because the electronics maker was not allowed to ship the tablet into the country until after that deadline.

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