Australian Supermodel Victim Of Cybersquatting

The Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has become a victim of cybersquatting following the registration of the domain name earlier this year by a company that was not connected with the model.The domain name was registered by domainer James Webster, a Sydney-based entrepreneur who owns about 6500 domains.”I speculate and try to look for anything that can make my company more valuable today, and heaps more valuable in the future,” he told the Sunday Mail.He claimed the domain name could have been worth up to $200,000 and that if he did not register the domain he “knew that a ‘domainer’ would use it for some ill-gotten gain”. And he also claims to have contacted the model’s representatives offering to transfer the domain name to them for free.However Webster fell afoul of registration policies for .AU domains where registering a domain name for the sole purpose of resale or transfer to another entity is not permitted.AuDA investigated the registration of and decided to cancel the current registrant’s domain name licence for breach of policy, and the domain name will be deleted.”The purpose of the rule against resale is to prevent people from ‘cybersquatting’ the names of well-known people and brands,” said Chris Disspain, CEO of auDA.”The rule has been in place since auDA assumed control of the .au namespace in 2002, and it has been affirmed in every public policy review that auDA has conducted since then. The Australian Internet community has made it clear, time and time again, that it values the high levels of trust and integrity that distinguish .au from other TLDs like .com.”