Australian sports deals at risk from TV broadcast ruling

Exclusive rights deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars to broadcast live events could be at risk after a court ruled yesterday that shows could be recorded and screened “near live” without breaching copyright.In a landmark Federal Court case, telecommunications company Optus won legal protection for its TV Now service, which enables subscribers to record programs and start watching them on internet-enabled devices after as little as a two-minute delay.To read this report in The Australian in full, see: rights case deals financial body blow to league and AFL
The NRL and AFL are set to lobby the federal government to pass legislation to protect their online broadcasting rights after a landmark court ruling that threatens to cost the football codes hundreds of millions of dollars.The decision, handed down by Justice Steven Rares in the Federal Court yesterday, shatters the $153 million internet rights deal with Telstra and the AFL and throws into chaos the NRL’s negotiations on media rights. snaffles free footy
Optus has won a landmark copyright case that changes television and internet broadcasting in Australia. The Federal Court ruled that the company can record and transmit free-to-air television shows over the internet to consumers.Optus was seeking protection from the Australian Football League, the National Rugby League and Telstra, which wanted an injunction against its TV Now service.

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