Australian privacy group swats Google Buzz

Google Buzz has come under heavy criticism from the Australian Privacy Foundation, which believes the new social networking tool has major privacy flaws.Speaking to Computerworld AustraliaAPF chair, Dr Robert Clarke, said the automatic roll out of the tool to Gmail users, and its automatic addition of followers based on email usage, was of concern. see:Initial Reactions to Google Buzz and Privacy Issues by Roger Clarke
… The initial reactions below relate solely to the privacy aspects of the product. One reason for that limitation is that that’s what the reporter asked me about. But another is that Google has an extremely bad record in the privacy aspects of their products. And Buzz leverages off existing services, and vast holdings of personal data. So it’s important that Google gets it right – important to Google’s users, and important to Google itself. Buzz criticised for disclosing Gmail contacts
One day after its launch, privacy concerns have been raised about Google’s new Gmail-based social-networking tool, Buzz.At issue is a feature that compiles a list of the Gmail contacts who users most frequently email or chat with. Buzz automatically starts following these people and makes the list public, meaning strangers can see who Buzz users have been in contact with.

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