Australian prime minister honours scientist behind wi-fi

An Australian radio astronomer who helped develop wi-fi technology has won the Prime Minister’s prestigious Science Prize.Wi-fi technology has become an essential part of everyday life. It is found in personal computers, video games, mobile phones and much more.

Scientist John O’Sullivan, with a team of CSIRO scientists, is the man who made it happen. He and his team created the formula that made wireless technology fast and robust.It began as a search for radio waves from exploding black holes, but it has now turned into the most popular CSIRO invention.To read this ABC News report in full, see: see:PM’s science award a clear signal of achievement
The man who invented key technology inside nearly every WiFi device in the world hasn’t received a cent in royalty payments. But last night he took home the $300,000 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science.”I was talking with a colleague when Senator (Kim) Carr gave me a call,” recalls CSIRO electrical engineer John O’Sullivan about the Science Minister’s news that he had won the prize. “Needless to say I was blown away and delighted.”,,26273990-5018020,00.html,,26275683-15306,00.htmlInternet discovery wins researcher $300,000
A man who discovered a technology integral to wireless internet while searching for exploding black holes has won this year’s Prime Minister’s Prize for Science.John O’Sullivan, 62, a CSIRO researcher from Sydney, received his $300,000 award from Kevin Rudd at Parliament House last night. pioneer John O’Sullivan wins PM’s Prize for Science
Almost two decades after pioneering high-speed wireless technology, John O’Sullivan has won one of the nation’s top science gongs.The CSIRO scientist was awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Prize for Science for 2009 for his WiFi technology now found in millions of laptops, printers, wireless access devices and even Nintendo’s Wii.,,26275624-5014239,00.html

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