Australian police want telco customer data retained forever

Australian Federal Police (AFP) commissioner Tony Negus has said that the proposal to retain telecommunications customer data for up to two years was a compromise made with the Attorney-General’s Department, and that the law-enforcement agency would ideally like data to be held indefinitely.Negus appeared before the Joint Committee on Security and Intelligence today, on day one of the two-day hearing into the government’s proposed changes to telecommunications-interception legislation. He was joined by NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and South Australian Police Commissioner Gary Burns.To continue reading this ZDNet report, go to: see:Govt wants greater surveillance powers [AAP]
Telecommunications and internet providers could be forced to retain at least two years of their subscribers’ data as part of a federal government push for greater surveillance powers.A parliamentary inquiry into national security legislation which sits on Wednesday will discuss a request from federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon, who wants law enforcement agencies to be able to access the data.

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