Australian police deny seeking URLs for data-retention plans

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has defined the sort of “non-content” communications data that it would like internet service providers (ISPs) to retain for up to two years, and has denied suggestions that web-browsing history would be included.The federal government has proposed, as part of a suite of suggested modifications to telecommunications-interception legislation, that ISPs be required to retain customer “metadata” for up to two years. This metadata would be “non-content” communications data, according to law-enforcement agencies.To continue reading this ZDNet report, go to: see:URLs exempted from Federal Government’s data retention plan
The federal government says that it won’t require internet providers to record web addresses visited by customers under its controversial data retention plans.The Attorney-General’s Department late yesterday told a senate estimates committee on legal affairs that web addresses, the so called “URLs” (Uniform Resource Locators) would be designated in the new laws and therefore off limits.

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