Australian opt-in ISP-level Internet filter wasn’t feasible: Academics

An opt-in/opt-out ISP-level filter, first suggested in the February 2008 Feasibility Study into ISP Level Content Filtering, was never a feasible alternative to the current ACMA blacklist, according to academics and industry experts.Speaking at a discussion forum hosted by the University of Sydney, industry experts Louise Collins and Associate Professor Bjorn Landfeldt agreed that the opt-in solution initially suggested during the early days of filter debates would threaten smaller Internet service providers (ISPs) and reduce competition in the market. see:Australian internet filter proposal postponed
Australia has shelved its internet filtering legislation until after the country’s next general election, scheduled to be held in a year’s time, or possibly sooner. retreats on web filter legislation
KEVIN Rudd has put another election promise on the backburner with his controversial internet filtering legislation set to be shelved until after the next election.

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