Australian opposition paving a telecoms road to nowhere

Fish, barrel; fox, henhouse; Abbott, NBN. Mocking Tony Abbott’s ignorance of telecoms has become so easy and habitual that his latest pronouncements would normally hardly merit a response. But with his latest policy speech being seen as an informal roll-up to next year’s election campaign, and Telstra’s recent behaviour reaffirming the need for government intervention in the telco sector, it’s important to once again weigh the implications of Abbott’s cost-redirection policy against the reality of the situation.Most glaring is Abbott’s ongoing commitment to redirect NBN expenditure towards building roads to ease congestion. It’s not the first time he has made this commitment, it emerged during the Coalition’s response to last year’s Labor budget, but the fact that he’s still repeating it confirms that he really believes in its value.To read this ZDNet report in full, see:

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