Australian opposition MPs join critics of data storage plans

Federal Coalition MPs have spoken out against controversial Government plans to store data about people’s phone and internet use for up to two years.At today’s joint party room meeting, 12 Coalition MPs spoke about the issue with a majority opposing the idea on civil liberties grounds.Under the plan, phone and internet companies would be required to keep logs of internet sites and phone calls made by their customers for several years, instead of regularly deleting the data.To continue reading this ABC News report, go to: see:Tony Abbott vows to pressure Nicola Roxon on internet laws
Plans to toughen phone-tapping laws have been put in doubt as Tony Abbott and his Coalition colleagues take aim at a federal proposal to store personal information about millions of internet users for up to two years.The Coalition has moved to put new pressure on the Labor proposals amid a vigorous online campaign against the changes on the grounds they curb rights.

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