Australian newspapers hold up amid slump

[Australian newspaper sales and readership have held up well compared to international trends despite the ease of access to newspapers online. However this perplexes the Goldstein Report given Australia has only two quality newspapers – The Australian and The Australian Financial Review. And even more perplexing is that the AFR requires a paid-for-subscription to access the vast majority of its content and its sales have plummeted 8.4%. This compared to The Australian’s sales, depending on the edition, which are steady or have increased slightly and almost all its content is available online.]The Australian newspaper market has defied international trends and the economic downturn with only a slight circulation fall in the June quarter.Sales of all national, metropolitan and regional daily and Sunday titles in the three months totalled 20.9 million papers, down 0.7 per cent on the same period last year, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations.,28124,25925958-7582,00.html

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