Australian net filter to block internet nasties will compromise NBN, say ISPs

Internet service providers believe Labor’s filter to block web nasties could well neuter its cherished national broadband network.They believe the filter to block all material refused a classification will slow broadband speeds, including the services delivered by the much vaunted NBN.To read this report in The Australian in full, see: see:Outcry on internet censorship
The Federal Government’s proposal for an internet filter faces a barrage of criticism, including from both sides of politics and a former High Court judge.Two Liberal backbenchers, Jamie Briggs and Alex Hawke, condemned the proposal. The Opposition doubts the legislation can be workable, although it has promised to examine it. filters ‘thin end of the wedge’: Kirby
Former High Court judge Michael Kirby has criticised the Federal Government’s internet censorship agenda, saying it could stop the “Berlin Walls of the future” from being knocked down.On Tuesday afternoon, the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, announced he would introduce legislation before next year’s elections forcing ISPs to block a secret blacklist of “refused classification” (RC) websites for all Australian internet users.

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