Australian national broadband network ‘won’t be derailed’

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said opposition attempts to block his reforms, including a plan to force Telstra to separate, would be a blow to consumers but would not derail the government’s $43 billion broadband network, reports The Australian.Kevin Rudd also ridiculed the Coalition after communications spokesman Nick Minchin vowed to vote against the Telstra legislation, but Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce said he would be prepared to support it to deliver better services for regional Australians.To read this report in The Australian in full, see:,25197,26243815-5013404,00.htmlAlso see:Keating backs Telstra split, takes swipe at Howard
Paul Keating has thrown his support behind Communications Minister Stephen Conroy as his contentious plan to split Telstra faces a bumpy ride in the Senate.Rebuffing mounting criticism of the proposal, the former prime minister told The Age the Government’s broadband policy was the first significant micro-economic policy reform undertaken since securing office in 2007.

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