Australian ISPs stay hush hush on copyright breach notices

Australian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are remaining tight lipped over the number of copyright breach notices they have received from copyright holders as the iiNet versus the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) case continues in the Federal Court of Australia.Several ISPs contacted by Computerworld have said they are reluctant to reveal figures as the responsibilities of ISPs in copyright infringement situations are currently under examination in the courts. see:AFACT v iiNet: Malone won’t appear for two weeks
iiNet CEO Michael Malone will most likely not take the stand in the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) civil case against the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) for another two weeks.With AFACT due to finish presenting its witnesses to the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney later this week, it is understood Justice Cowdrey will adjourn the court for two weeks instead of making Malone appear. barristers corner AFACT solicitor
iiNet’s legal counsel took the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft’s Gilbert & Tobin solicitor Michael Williams to task yesterday afternoon over the credibility of technical evidence he had presented to the court.Williams kept a steely expression while being double-teamed by iiNet’s legal counsels, Richard Cobden and Richard Lancaster. The hearing has reached day seven.,130061791,339299058,00.htmiiNet quizzes Hollywood via video
iiNet’s legal counsel this morning cross-examined four senior Hollywood executives from Warner Bros, Disney, 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures via video link, with the court hearing about the industry’s long-running battle against piracy.The court heard that Paramount Pictures had struck a deal with BitTorrent for the file-sharing client maker to prevent copyrighted material being shared over its software.,130061744,339299051,00.htmiiNet strikes deal with court rival
Internet service provider iiNet will launch a new download service for children, possibly as soon as this weekend, after tying up a licensing deal with one of the organisations that has taken legal action against it for copyright infringement.

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