Australian ISPs could block pirate sites, NZ industry concerned by fans still pirating

Telecommunications industry body Communications Alliance has flagged that the industry might be open to the idea of blocking access to websites containing or linking to infringing material, as long as appropriate safeguards are implemented.In its submission to the Coalition’s copyright infringement discussion paper the industry body said that while site blocking is a “relatively blunt” and limited instrument, an appropriately structured regime could play a role in combating online copyright infringement in Australia. see:ISP Alliance Accepts Piracy Crackdown, With Limits
Australian ISPs say that the government should employ a UK-style “follow the money” approach to deal with pirate sites. Site blocking and warnings might also be entertained, as long as throttling and disconnecting users is taken off the table. Rightsholders will have to pick up the tab, however. boss David Thodey launches broadside at pirates
Telstra boss David Thodey has hit out against the illegal sharing of pirated movies and music saying the practice is “plainly wrong” and that a multi-pronged approach, including the blocking of overseas websites, is needed to combat online copyright pirates.As part of the telco giant’s battle against online copyright pirates Mr Thodey outlined a multi-pronged approach including raising awareness about the importance of copyright, court ordered blocking of offending overseas websites, education notices to customers who are identified by rights holders as downloading content without permission, and a streamlined judicial process for the small number of repeat infringers. industry concerned by fans still pirating
New research commissioned by the music industry appears to bear out the claim that most people would stop pirating music off the internet once cheap legal alternatives were available.The study, commissioned by Recorded Music NZ and carried out by Horizon Research, suggests music piracy is now largely the preserve of a relatively small group of young people who are increasingly​ scratching for excuses.

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