Australian ISP iiNet accuses Hollywood of outsourcing copyright enforcement

iiNet yesterday accused Hollywood of trying to “outsource” its copyright enforcement to internet firms as it continued to battle in Federal Court against claims it authorised illegal file-sharing on its network.The Perth-ISP’s lead barrister Richard Cobden SC argued that the studios’ demand that iiNet pass infringement notices on to customers amounted to an unreasonable request to police its customers.To read this report from The Australian in full, see:
Also see:AFACT v iiNet: ISP draws on TV copyright battle
Internet service provider (ISP) iiNet continued to draw on a 2002 copyright case between Channel 9 and Channel 10 over segments broadcast on The Panel as part of its case against the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT).AFACT, who represents over 30 Hollywood film studios and TV stations, is suing iiNet and claimed a 59-week investigation into the ISP and its customers discovered “rampant copyright infringements”.

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