Australian internet service providers urged to deliver ‘clean pipes’ to customers

An Australian Strategic Policy Institute report says ISPs should share information and automatically blacklist dangerous websites as Australia battles an escalation of cyber attacks.

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Clean pipes: Should ISPs provide a more secure internet?
Introduction: One of the largest online challenges facing Australia is to provide effective cybersecurity to the majority of internet users who don’t have the skills or resources to defend themselves.

This paper explores the concept of ‘Clean Pipes’, which is the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) could provide security services to their customers to deliver a level of default security.

The Australian Government looks to be implementing a version of Clean Pipes: on 30 June 2020 the Prime Minister announced a funding commitment to ‘prevent malicious cyber activity from ever reaching millions of Australians across the country by blocking known malicious websites and computer viruses at speed’.1

This paper examines arguments for Clean Pipes and possible implementation roadblocks.

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