Australian internet industry, major entertainment companies given April deadline to agree on digital piracy code

The internet industry and makers of commercial music, movies and shows have been given five months to reach agreement on new rules to combat digital piracy or have rules imposed on them by the Federal Government.Major companies, including big US movie studios, had pressed for a stronger copyright regime to protect their content ownership rights online in the face of widespread illegal downloading. see:

Movie studios win piracy protection
MOVIE studios will soon be able to obtain court orders to force internet providers to block access to websites which host pirated content as part of new amendments the federal government will make to the Copyright Act.In a long-awaited response to how the government plans to combat the spread of online piracy, the Attorney-General and the Minister for Communications have written to telecoms companies requiring them to immediately develop an industry code that will be registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

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