Australian govt plan to split up Telstra

The federal Government will offer Telstra the chance to buy up to 49 per cent of its national broadband network, if it agrees to voluntarily hive off its wholesale arm, reports The Australian.The Government is working through the details of the plan which is likely to be discussed when Communications Minister Stephen Conroy meets the company’s new leaders in the next couple of weeks.To read this report in The Australian in full, see:,25197,25465539-601,00.htmlAlso see:Telstra may divide and conquer
Telstra will be given a chance to own up to 49 per cent of the Government’s National Broadband Network company if it agrees to voluntarily split itself into wholesale and retail arms under the deal being finalised by the federal Government, reports The Australian.Ultimately, the company could buy back total control of the network, provided it was held independently and access to the network was controlled by the ACCC.,28124,25464352-5013408,00.htmlTelco in dire need of experienced directors
A stark difference at Telstra has been between the successful succession planning for the role of CEO and the non-evident plan for orderly board renewal.,28124,25464479-5012436,00.html

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